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Single Origin


El Salvador (Santa Ana, Ilamatepec)

As one of the few places in the world who are set apart in harvesting from natural trees that are untainted by artificial intervention, El Salvador prides itself in producing naturally high quality coffee year after year. Coffee from this region boasts an exceptionally clean, bright and sweet profile. Our roasts have notes of chestnut, licorice, cedar and milk chocolate.

Kenya AA (Kirinyaga Uteuzi Jimbo)

Well-loved around the world, Kenyan coffee is grown in ancient volcanic soils at the foothills of Mt. Kenya. Produced mainly by small farmers who emphasize quality above all else, Kenyan coffee carries a full body tastes with fruity acidic tones. Our roasts have notes of pineapple, brown sugar, vanilla, bergamot and citrus.

Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe)

Known as the “birthplace” of Arabica coffee, Ethiopia is unique in the coffee world because of its natural, wild-grown coffee trees that are still harvested from even today. Their coffee boasts a genetic diversity that is unmatched by all other regions in the world. Our Ethiopian Coffee roast boasts full-bodied, full-flavor roasts; with jasmine, candied lemon and toffee notes with citric acidity.

Indonesia Blue Dragon (Ngada Regency, Flores)

Grown on the island where Komodo Dragons are found in the wild, the Blue Dragon is internationally known for its quality. Our roast features a full-bodied, naturally sweet tasting coffee, with notes of blueberry, grapefruit and smokey sweet tobacco undertones.

Brazil (Cerrado Mineiro, Patos de Minas)

As one of two biggest producers of coffee in the world (other being Colombia), Brazil is known for its lush climate that produces multiple varieties of coffee. A cup of Brazilian is clear, medium-bodied & low in acidity, with rich chocolate and nutty tones plus mild stone fruit undertones. Our roast contains notes of roasted peanuts, cherry, hazelnut, and cacao.



Espresso Blend

Our special blend of beans, ensuring the richest coffee taste for all your espresso brewing needs. Perfect for all home brewing methods such as aero press, French press, etc.

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